Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Haunted Monk

In a secluded mountain setting in the South is a group of monks quietly undertaking their chosen meditation and work.Only about 4 are younger than 40.Most are over 60 years of age and those have been there for decades.(The original and older monks are buried there in the community graveyard.)They tell the newcomers and those who come there for a restful visit of the monk who haunts the cemetery and the outbuilding serving as a barn although in earlier times it was the stable.The monk had come as an abandoned child and spent twenty five years there.Growing into a strong man,he had a special gift with horses and served the community by caring for the horses and farm equipment.

One night he rode through a storm to bring the vet for a horse that was foaling.On their return,his horse stepped in a hole, fell and broke it's leg.He himself took a bad hit on the head.When he regained consciousness, he had to shoot his horse to end the suffering.He then walked back and found the mare and the foal had both died.He was distraught and blamed himself.He mourned and spoke of his blame and deep lonliness and feeling that God had abandoned him.He considered the horses his best friends and now three were dead.He felt as if it was by his own hand no matter what the others said.He buried the horses in the regular graveyard although most of the others were against the idea.He vowed never to leave them.

Apparently the head injury had been more severe than realized,likely a subdural hematoma,for in a few days he died.The young monk was moruned by the Brethern.

Within three weeks the sightings began and have continued.The form of the monk in a hooded black cape is seen pacing about the graves moaning and crying.
I have not seen this but heard it from three reliable sources including one of the monks.So sad.


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