Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ShyViolet sees a miracle

ShyViolet is a talented Etsy Artist.She has several shops with a variety of items.Check out her store ;isting and visit any or all of the shops that interest you.The video has some things from each.
She describes herself in the profile:"Happy, hot-headed, thrifty, compassionate, impatient, deep, collector, crafty, loyal, funny, fierce, strong, resourceful, creative, organized, type A, relentless, whimsical, tolerant, insightful, eclectic, believer, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife, friend."
"I've been artistic and creative my whole life. My mom taught me how to sew when I was a little girl, I used to make clothes for my Barbies and other dolls. I recently started sewing again thanks to my baby girl. She inspires me to create cute and unique baby items.
Each Shy Violet piece is handcrafted with great care and attention to detail so you can treasure your Shy Violet jewelry for years to come. From soft lavender fluorite to fiery red carnelian, delicate sterling silver to bold carved wood, there is jewelry for every taste and every occasion."
I have always enjoyed being creative, and I have played with everything from clay and plastic to paints and charcoal. My favorite is jewelry. I love the colors and the natural beauty of the stones, and the way that a piece can show a mood or feeling. I enjoy making people look good, seeing people smile when they put on a Shy Violet creation. I like making people feel beautiful!"The shops are available at

Here is her interesting story in her own words
"I've seen a lot of answered prayers. Some of the most dramatic were when I was on a mission trip to Thailand. One lady who lived in a slum where we visited accepted Christ (a couple weeks before I met her) and said that she believed God had allowed her to live to be 100 years old so that she wouldn't die without knowing Him. I don't know if there were records showing when she was born, but she looked 100. While I was there, her grand daughter asked us to pray for the old lady because she was blind. Honestly, none of us expected her to be healed, but we prayed for her anyway - I mean, at 100, sure God COULD heal her, but we thought it was probably pretty unlikely.
So we all prayed for her and then for several other people and just chatted with some people for a while. Several minutes later she told the Thai pastor we were working with that he was wearing a blue shirt (he was). So we quizzed her and she told us what colors everyone was wearing, how many fingers the pastor was holding up, etc. It was really neat. She TOTALLY took it in stride too... we were all "What? She can see?! WOW! A miracle! We really got to see a miracle!"

Thank you For that inspiring story.

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