Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mystery Of Who Cleans The Bathroom

The new bathroom cleaner that does the work of a series of maids is not needed in a Georgia bathroom.It is sparkle clean twice a week and it is not Mr.Clean although equally magic and mysterious,

The two children in the rural mountain home hate the distasteful chore of cleaning the bathroom."Especially that shower and tub." says 8 year old Mary."Yeah" says her 11 year old brother Kent,"but I would rather clean it myself,I tell you,I an afraid to go in there now."

There were frequent family arguments about not keeping the bathroom clean enough f in the household after the grandmother had to go to the Nursing Home.

"She was a careful housekeeper even as she found it hard to get around.The kitchen and the bathroom were always clean"the children's mother speaks of her late Mother In Law.."Sometimes she would work all day just to get those cleaned.She might even forget to eat."

About two months after the death, each child separately went to their assigned chore and found the ghost of their grandmother busily scrubbing away at the tub or shower wall.

She would turn and put her arms up and yell"Dirty".First Mary and then Kent ran screaming and crying from the bathroom.Each time when a parent returned,there was no one there but the room was clean
.First the children were teased and no one believed them.Not long after when Mary was away and it was her turn to clean up,her mother went in to clean.The room was spotless.This happened several times.
Both children did not want to go in but when they "had" to they were right back out."Not long enough in there to clean it that good." says the father.

It is still mysteriously clean twice a week they say,


Patty said...

I wish that ghost would come live at my house. I need someone to clean ha ha.
Seriously that is a strange story. I have heard to things like this before. Rooms being cleaned, furniture being moved etc.
Very nice post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great post and I need that ghost in New Jersey:) I love the Disturbing World Wide Weird!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you for coming and leaving your comments.I would like one that runs the vac...