Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Old Bridge

In the mountains of rural Georgia there is an old bridge built in the 1800;s.The son of a prominent family of Savannah had moved his new wife to the area.He built a lovely new home for her on a scenic hill just above the river.She was quite lonely there missing the social life of the city and her many friends..The nearest neighbor was several miles away.She put on a cheerful appearance and became known for her good works helping the children of the area learn to read.She most of all wanted her piano and planned to teach them to play.

Shortly after the birth of their first child,her husband arranged for the piano to be sent up from Savannah.She was worried about getting it across the bridge and up the steep hill,but very excited it was coming.Several times a day she would take the baby down to the bridge and watch for the piano to arrive.

One particularly cold morning as the young mother and baby were standing at the side of the bridge, the horse drawn wagon with the piano finally came and was crossing the bridge carefully.One of the horses slipped hitting the other who tangled in the harness and fell.The piano overturned.The driver was thrown from the wagon.She screamed and ran to help the driver but slid herself.She and the baby were killed in a fall into the cold river.

The bridge is still used today.Often people say they see a light or sometimes the image of a woman on the bridge in the winter nights.She still is waiting for her piano,the locals say.

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