Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is It Atlantis? New Discovery

Undersea archaeologists have found the ruins of an ancient city on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, andsome claim that it is the fabled and lost city of Atlantis.

The satellite photos do show something that could be a city, and the researchers believe that what they've found would predate the pyramids of Egypt. Indeed they claim to be able to make out a pyramid and other city-like structures from the satellite photos. The archaeologists have so far refused to divulge their identities or the location in the Caribbean. They say they are raising money for an expedition to confirm their findings...

... today released the first detailed images of some of the structural evidence they have uncovered. These images are very grainy, but considering they were shot from an orbiting satellite, are pretty amazing.

In the second image shown here – look carefully at the center – reveals a ruined structure, but what remains standing are two parallel post-and-beam elements. Architectural historians insist that post-and-beam construction if proof of human hand.

Guarding the location’s coordinates carefully, the project’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, says the city could be thousands of years old; possibly even pre-dating the ancient Egyptian pyramids, at Giza. Nevertheless, the team claims that these images show that human intervention is responsible for their construction.

The project team asks that for more information, or to find out how to help fund their research, please contact the Herald de Paris’ publisher, Jes Alexander, at a specially set-up telephone number: 415-738-7811.

Asked if this city is the legendary city of Atlantis, the researchers immediately said no. “The romanticized ideal of Atlantis probably never existed, nor will anyone ever strap on a SCUBA tank, jump in the water, and find a city gateway that says, ‘Welcome to Atlantis.’ However, we do believe that this city may have been one of many cities of an advanced, seafaring, trade-based civilization, which may have been visited by their Eurocentric counterparts.”

It is unknown at this time how the city came to be on the sea floor, and not on dry land. “We have several theories.”

The team hopes to conduct a massive mapping and research expedition, to learn as much as possible about who these people were, before turning the site over to the Caribbean island’s home government. “Whatever we’ve found does not belong to us,” the project’s leader said, “It belongs to the people of this island, and to the world at-large. If any pieces are brought to the surface, they belong in the hands of a museum.”...
Well, I would like it to be Atlantis.What about you?Full article with pictures at the above site.However the video is no longer available..