Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hothead At Etsy Has A Story

A relatively new shop at Etsy is Tracy's Hothead.She makes some very nice hats and a variety of other things.A multi-talented lady.
She is a Stay At Home Mom "with 3 kids and 2 stepkids" As mentioned she enjoys doing all sorts of crafts and says," Currently I am crocheting a baby hat, crocheting an adult scarve, making homemade paper, and salvaging old furniture I found. I get too bored to follow a project start to finish and often have to do small projects in between.

I just started selling on Etsy last month so I'm still a "newbie". But I like it very much and everyone has been super friendly and helpful."What a welcome addition to Etsy.You will want to visit her shop

Her story " The nursing home I worked at people saw and heard things all the time. Several of the clients would complain about the kids playing in the hall keeping them up at night. Of course there were none. A few of the aides have said they have seen people sitting in a chair or walking down the hall only to find out that no one was there. It gave me the hebee jebees.
... The only other things that were weird at the nursing home was that a light would usually flicker in a hall before someone down that hall would die. And clients always died in threes. My mom works at a different nursing home and she said that they would also always die in threes."

Wow.Thank you for telling us of your experiences,Tracy.

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Lora said...

just wanted to comment that Tracy does have a great site so check it out maybe i am biased (she is my cousin) but i know she works really hard