Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nathaniel Hawthorne Lived With Ghosts

Ghosts have been around for most of recorded history.Recently, I read of the well known American author Natanial Hawthorne.Some of his novels and short stories did touch on the supernatural.In several conversations and letters to friends he mentioned encounters with real ghosts.His house in Massachusetts was haunted,but the ghost always remained in the front yard.
"L have often" wrote Hawthorne,"while sitting in the parlor,in the daytime,had a perception that someone was passing the windows -but on looking toward them nobody is there."

He did see a ghost in the Atheneum Library however who remained sitting in the same familiar place he sat before death for several weeks reading a newspaper.He said later he regretted not approaching or even brushing against the apparition but thought it would make him look"absurd" to the others who saw not Dr.Harris but an empty chair...

Tomorrow will be featuring an Etsy story that is quite interesting from our time..

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