Monday, September 8, 2008

What About Current Moms Of Soldiers?

My social life in the Golden Years is practically non-existent so I have not heard any mothers from the current War on Terror who have had experiences of Crisis Apparition of their sons or daughters who have been in harms way or unfortunately killed.Have you?

Throughout history this has been a fairly regular happening.Personally, I have heard parents of veterans from WWII,Korea and Vietnam relate visits from or visions of their sons at the time of danger or death.History tells of these from the Revolutionary and Civil wars as well.

Working at a VA facility several of the patients had experienced preminitions or visions of their own coming disaster or that of a fellow serviceman.At that time the number of women in the military was limited.From World War Two the most were from pilots whereas from Vietnam more were foot soldiers, of those who told me.From the parents, it did not seem any more comon to any one group.It was never terrifying to the parent only sad or comforting.

It seems likely that this is happening today as well.My guess id that I just am not around enough people whose children are there or people who have served there to hear.It would be of interest to know that the bond is there as has been true throughout the tragic circumstances of war...

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