Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Was It Pele?

Some time ago, I found this interesting experience posted on a forum.I attempted to contact the person who listed it to request permission to use it here, but did not find her.If you know her, please thank her for sharing this.I would be happy to feature her work if she would contact me.Thanks.

"hongabelle says:
This is my mother's experience with what she believes to be an encounter with Pele'. Pele' is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, and she can come in many forms, a young seductress, or an old woman. In Hawai'i, there are many sitings, and stories about her.

I remember the first time I heard this one...Here it is.

My mother grabbed my brother and sister ( both very young) and left the house. She was fighting with her husband again, and she feared he would hurt the children. She decided to pack some clothes, and leave. To prevent him from following her, she took a back road ( if you can call it a road - its unpaved and you can't drive above 20mph).

This took place around 2am, in the Waianae Valley of Oa'hu. So my mother is driving, with my siblings tossing around in the back seat of her old chevy. They are driving through complete darkness, lit only by the car's headlights.
She rolls her window down a bit, for the fresh air. She first spots a blinking light rolling toward her on her side of the dirt road. Then she realized someone was riding their bicyle...it was a female, in an old-fashioned, black "holoku"(missionary) muumuu The woman had fluffy "ehu" hawaiian hair.

Just the sight the figure on the bike sent chills down my mothers spine. Especially taking into consideration the time and location...

But then my mother also mentioned something about the woman's eyes.

(yes, it gets worse)

As the woman rides along closer to the car, she turns to my mother ( who is absolutly frozen and can't even roll up the dang window), and nods to acknowledge her.
Its at this precise moment that my mother notices the woman had black eyes. No pupils. Just complete darkness.

My mom told me was praying the whole time, until she got back onto the main road."
Posted at 11:38 pm, March 4 2008 EST

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Wowee...I got the tingles while reading this post!! Very interesting!