Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Will Fly Tells Her Mom Of A Ghostly Encounter

Ariel who has a shop at Etsy, IWillFly,is a multi-talented crafting artist from California.She has been selling on Etsy for about a year.I love her attitude and you will agree her mother is very clever when you hear the story.

The video introduces some of her work but you will want to visit her shop to see more.Find it at
Ariel said " I was raised with a real "do-it-yourself"

attitude (probably because we were always broke) and it never occurs to me to buy
something until I've tried to make it myself first."
Isn't that incredible..Here is her story:

"I grew up in a very old house where doors would open and shut themselves, music boxes turn themselves on, that sort of thing. Once, terrified, I ran to my mother who told me, and I quote "I find that when they are being obvious like that they just want you to clean something. Why don't you go clean your room?"
That is my mom for you, using every opportunity to make me clean my room!"

She adds an update:

"I am also living in a another really old house these days, this one was a brothel
when it was built in the early 1900's. Not unexpectedly, most of it's "peculiarities"
are limited to the back of the house near the bedroom :) "

I love it.Thanks for telling us your story and kudos to your Mom.


BlossomingTree said...

LOL I love mom's response.

Giftbearer said...

Very interesting story!

ChichiBoulie said...

Smart mum! I may have to try that one.

I Will Fly said...

Mom will love the comments and then disavow any knowledge of her response, thanks!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments.I would never have thought of that either..

5erg said...

Haha, great answer from the MOm :D


What an interesting tale! Did you go clean your room??