Sunday, November 14, 2010

Demonic Infiltration:

Have you noticed that several of the Paranoemal Investigations on TV seem to have more of a focus on Demons? Some doubt the validity of such depictions others of the programs themselves.This was an interesting program focus on Demons recently on Coast To Coast AM...

" Paranormal investigator and demonologist Keith Johnson discussed his work helping people cope with demonic infiltration. Johnson said his interest in other worldly realms began when as a young boy he experienced a series of harmless but bizarre incidents at his house. The activity took a turn for the worse after his brother and sister started using a Ouija board, which opened a spiritual portal to evil spirits, he explained. The demonic entities that came through used the board to spell out vulgarities and threats, and attacked members of his family, Johnson added.

"They are pure evil; there is no goodness in them," he continued. Demons often pretend to be human spirits in order to infiltrate a person's life and plant a spiritual virus, Johnson said, noting how hard they are to get rid of once someone has let them in. Their ultimate goal seems to be to hurt God by destroying his creation, he revealed. Johnson reported on cases where he was called upon to expel demons from individuals as well as residences. According to Johnson, when a demonic entity is cast out they usually go back to into oblivion -- a state of unrest and torment.

Johnson shared details from a demonic haunt case involving a Rhode Island woman and her family. The client complained about a presence watching her and was physically assaulted with a clothes hanger. The family told Johnson about a door in their home that would not remain closed no matter what they did to keep it propped open. The energy in the house could be felt immediately upon entering, he said, noting that the woman was actually on the verge of demonic possession. After instructing the children to call upon Jesus' name, Johnson claims that a window slammed shut, one of the girls was struck in the head, and the atmosphere of the house changed completely. Johnson also mentioned his consulting work on Syfy channel's Ghost Hunters and A&E's Paranormal State"
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