Sunday, November 7, 2010

Restless Ghost Buried Alive in the Civil War

This is one of the most horrific events to hear about.
Should you visit a lovely old house at Grttysburg near the field of the long ago battle you will see a cross in a circle drawn on the basement inside door..It is still there and seaerves a special bow or prayer for what it represents.Once an old barn with a stone floor was in that spot.As the battle began. the Confederate General Robert E Lee was going to use the previous battle area as his stand.The Soldiers were ordered by their leader to clear the bodies in preparation and they did.There was not time to bury the dead considering the plight of the living, so they stacked the bodies one up on the other in the barn which for the July heat with the stone floor was the coolest area around and might slow the deconpsing.

The battle resumed and continued for three days.During this time, one young soldier awoke.He had been unsonscious when carried from the field.He was covered with bodies with the process of decay .He could not move whether from a praylisis from his wounding or si,p;y the hunderds of poungs holding him in the horror which trapped him.His screams for hr;p could not be heard.

In 5 days the Union Soldiers as victors were cleaning up the horrific scene.They found the barn and as they worked found the young man.Hallucinating and screaming he was hospitalozed but died two days later.

Only a few soldiers could be given a decent butial because of the number and materials/time it would require.This soldier was selected as one of those who would, while mass graves were used for most of the others.He was treated with great respect bu the gathering for his service.

This however must not have calmed his experience of horror.Within a few days the old barn mysteriously burned down.

Later on the spot where the barn had been.Perhaps using the stone floor that remained? A lovely white farmhouse was built.Of the five families who had lived there,all had to deal with a very angry ghost particularly in the basement.

The most recent couple of hearty stock,no doubt, decided to confront the ghost to reclaim their own home.Such explosive activity in the basement helped them to decide they needed help so they called in a priest.The priest confirmed as the door almost came apart that a ghost was there and conducted a long and exhausting exorcism.

As the session was concluded they all knelt in prayer and the Priest drew a cross enclosed in a circle on the basement door.It is said that the crossin the circle is still there today.

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