Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crop Circles-Some Considerations

The video shows a selection from a review of items tagged Crop Circles from a search at to the Artists that allowed their items to be used.

Some interesting points by those who study Crop Circles are highlighted.there are many more.These reflect the belief that 20% or more are NOT man made.

What Creates Them?

The theories on what creates crop circles, if they are not manmade, are many . But some of the most common theories include whirlwind vortexes, plasma vortexes (the balls of light?), Earth energies, extraterrestrials, underground archaeology, sound vibrations, heavenly or demonic forces, and military experiments including microwaves.

If the anomalies listed above are real, a thorough, rigorously scientific examination of crop circles and their effects is called for to help unravel this mystery.

Sacred Geometry

. "The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles" says that so-called sacred geometry is evident in crop formations and reflect "the universe, its pure forms and dynamic equilibriums shared a higher purpose: the attainment of spiritual wholeness through self-reflection, thereby giving structural insight into the workings of the inner self. When analyzing crop circle forms through the precise and unalterable practice of sacred geometry one cannot help but appreciate that a mind of scholarly intelligence is involved. That these symbols are occurring primarily in wheat, the very symbol of the Earth Mother, is significant in itself. Perhaps they are here to draw us as a race together by this interaction with our symbol of life?"

Effects on equipment.

Researchers claim that their electronic equipment is often affected when they are examining crop circles. "There have been numerous reports of electronic equipment failing in crop circles and compasses spinning out of control in and over the crop circles (when flying over in aircraft)," according to "Peculiarities of Crop Circles". "This range of equipment includes watches, mobile phones, batteries, cameras. No explanations for these occurrences, other than the indication of a strong EM field distortions.

Physical Symptoms

Extremes of physical effects on people who enter crop circles have been reported. While some feel elation, others feel ill effects, including "nausea, headaches, dizziness, tingling sensations, pains and giddiness." Some claim their menstrual cycles have been affected while others say they have literally been knocked off their feet(
Examples of severe effects on a dog and a cat are also given)

The ongoing debate among many crop circle investigators and skeptics has been: Are they manmade or not? While many designs are clearly and admittedly made by people (even veteran crop circle researcher Colin Andrew estimates that up to 80 percent of them are probably manmade), some researchers insist that many formations are not - in fact, cannot be - made by humans.(Several other distinctions leading to this decision are in the article,)
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