Friday, June 12, 2009

Atlantis On Etsy

Atlantis is a favorite mystery of Lost Continents.I did a forum question several months ago to see what the Etsy Artists/Sellers thought about it.A variety of handmade creations are listed there .Some are in the video.Many others ar found in the Search;
The tally of the results of "Do you believe The Lost Continent of Atlantis was real?":
35 responded
19 answered yes..1 answered yes but in another galaxy
2 believed it was a lost City or Island but not a continent
2 were unsure but thought it possible
2 thought maybe
2 replied No
1 gave no answer but posted references
3 gave joking type responses.
2 who answered yes specified it was in South America,

One team had an exhibition:
The FAE team has. Venture to our Visions of Atlantis Exhibition, featuring a myriad of sea-inspired creations.

So it seems that Atlantis is thriving on Etsy.Thank you to those allowing their creations to be included.


missknits said...

what a fun topic/theme! and gorgeous pieces!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks missknits.