Monday, June 29, 2009

Twin Sisters Get the Same Exam Scores: Telepathy or Not?

You have likely heard of the "bond" between twins.See what you make of this recent debate in China
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" BEIJING, June 26 -- Do twins have telepathy? When twin sisters got the same scores on this year's national college entrance examination, villagers in Shaoxing, east China's Zhejiang Province started to wonder if the girls read one another's minds, according to a story on

The twin sisters, Zang Jiahuan and Zang Jiale, took the annual college entrance exams at the beginning of this June. When they received the results showing they both scored 644 points, they were shocked.

"We never expected it," the girls said in unison, telling a reporter who asked if anything like this had ever happened before, "this is the only case."

The reporter became even more curious when he found the pair repeatedly finished one another's sentences.

Wondering if the twins could have telepathy, the reporter conducted an experiment on them. When asked questions about their lives, the sisters always answered in one voice, which stunned the onlookers and made the reporter conclude that telepathy did exist between the sisters.

However, Xu Yi, a doctor in Zhejiang No. 1 Hospital denied the conjecture. He said it was not unusual for twins to get the same or similar scores on tests because identical twins are born with the same genes, which decide their personality, intelligence and ways of thinking.

Xu added that the twins also have the same family and education background; therefore, they would find the same solutions to solve problems in the exams."


Christie Cottage said...

Now THIS is interesting and more fun to say yes, they are telepathic!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Yes,Christie.I think so too.