Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have you dreamed of this man?

At least 2,000 people around the world claim to have seen this man in their dreams, though they don't know who he is, according to the website It began, they write, in January 2006, when a psychiatrist's patient first made the sketch and said she'd been having recurring dreams with "This Man," as he later became known
Interesting, I hear this week the number is up to 8.000.Noy me about you?

Saw this the other day:

"According to several polls and surveys conducted around the world, belief in the paranormal and supernatural is at an all time high and shows no evidence of decline. In the U.S. alone, a recent Gallop poll showed that 75% of Americans have some sort of paranormal belief; a Harris poll showed that half of Americans believe in ghosts; a CBS poll showed that one in five Americans have seen or physically encountered a ghost; and still another survey taken from more than 400 college students with the highest GPAs found seniors and grad students more likely to believe in the paranormal then their “uneducated” freshman counterparts. Paranormal beliefs include such phenomena as extraterrestrial and UFO close encounters, all types of psychic phenomena, miracles and demonic possession, ghosts and poltergeists, witchcraft and metaphysics, and encounters with extraordinary life forms, including Bigfoot and the notorious chupacabra."


42PurpleElephants said...

No, I haven't dreamed of him, but I bet now that the picture is circulating and people are seeing it, more people will start dreaming about him, hehe.

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Bet you are right.

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