Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mysterious Amelia Earhart

As are so many, I have been fascinated for years by Amelia Earhart.All the questions about her disappearance,,Was she a spy for family friend FDR? Did she crash and where?Was she captured by the Japanese? Did she really return and live in secret in the USA? There is of course the question was she abducted by Aliens? A;though I believe in Aliens and Abductions, i have never considered that a likely option nor her returning alive.

Recently, though, I found some interesting information which I had not previously known.She had psychic abilities.Apparently she experienced clairvoant dreams and did some table tipping for communication with spirits.Apparently her famous husband also shared some of these interests or knew of her ability.For the full article check here.It also discusses a coming attempt to find more evidence related to her demise.

Drew Pearson reports in the Washington Merry Go Round in 1937
"“Officials at first were inclined to laugh at Miss Earhart’s psychic messages. But her accuracy now has them mystified. When a United Airlines plane was lost just outside of Burbank, Calif. Dec. 27, Miss Earhart called the United Airlines office and told them to look on a hill near Saugus, a little town north of Burbank.

“There the wreckage was found.

“Again when the Western Air Express plane carrying Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson crashed Jan. 12, Miss Earhart reported the plane to be near Newhall, 15 miles north of Burbank, where it was found.

“In the earlier crash of the Western Air Express in Utah, Miss Earhart had a vision to the effect that the bodies of the dead had been robbed by a trapper. Two days later, a trapper near Salt Lake City reported finding the wreckage, but then suddenly disappeared without giving the location of the plan"

After her disapperance, hundreds of Psychics called and sent leads.Some were used in the investigation.The article includes her husband's response to one woman who was upset by receiving several messages from Amelia Earhart on the ouija board:

"George Putman responds:
“I gather that you regard such manifestations much as I do. That is, with open mindedness and tempered curiosity. Long ago I became convinced, as did Miss Earhart, that there is much on the borderland of things psychic about’ which we understand little or nothing. We were both always ‘ready to be shown’ I have had an extraordinary amount of this kind of communication for many months, coming from sincere people with no axe to grind, no favors to ask. I have told them what I am telling you: I honestly do not know how to explain these things….”

Author Susan Weiss in her book The Thrill Of It discusses the psychic powers of AErheart

Interesting.I was happy to discover this.
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