Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates Sad State Of Affairs

This may not be of interest to many of you,but since my field was Psychiatry before retirement.I found this both interesting and distressing.

Particularly distressing to me is the relationship to the Pharmaceutical companies...Think I told you I quit my antidepressani Cymbalta when I found it cost others, not me, I am poor and get help but YOU are paying for it,Cost was %48/30 pills.. for me which I could not afford.Thus began the query with the pharmacist who at first was not in to helping find the cost...First said to my question "What would a real person pay?" "About $100" but then he actually checked and the cost was $400..Could you believe it.I had a fit and called my Doctor to have it changed...There is no excuse for that sort of price..Even if insurance covers a lot and for me Extra assistance from the State even more...CRAZY.

Anyway, I remember the wrangles when the first DSM came out and then the next one that finally excluded homosexuality as a Mental Illness.Well another is in the works and the trouble is forefront...
"Psychiatry's civil war"

Next, remember when that article appeared about the Psychic in Saudi Arabia? well someone else is commenting as well:
"Islamic court sentences psychic to death"

So that is it for the sad circumstances of the world today...

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