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Superstitous Serbia

Superstitious Serbia
| 10 May 2010 | By Mona Mangat

This was an interesting post with a rundown on the complexities of beliefs, a profile of some well known and popular psychics with cult followings in the may wish to read the entire article.this part is a focus on some of the superstitions...
"...Well, that all depends on the omens because if your nose itches you’ll either be getting into a fight or drinking soon. And heaven forbid that your right hand should itch, for you’re going to lose money. Of course, if your left hand is itching in the centre of the palm, you’re going to get money soon or meet someone new.

Your spoon falls to the floor. That’s fortunate because the next person to enter the room will be a sweet, good woman. If it’s a fork it will be an angry one, and if it’s a knife, it indicates a man’s arrival. If you’ve forgotten something at home, don’t go back! It’s very bad luck, especially before a long journey. If you really need to go back, make sure to look in a mirror before you leave the house again to reverse the luck. If someone sneezes while you’re speaking, you’re likely to hear “Istina, Istina” (True, True). This omen is proof that you’re speaking the truth. Blame it all on Serbian logic.

Even Ana Ivanovic, famous Serbian Women’s Tennis Player apparently can’t resist. She won’t step on tennis court lines before a match.We could go on and on, but suffice to say that Serbia and Serbian’s have attached a portent, an omen or a folsky saying for almost every aspect of daily life

Some Well-known Serbian Supersititions:

Hiccups are caused by people talking about you.

If you whistle while in someone’s house (or your own), you will attract mice and rats.

If you put on a t-shirt inside-out unwittingly, it means that someone is missing you.

If you put on underwear inside-out by mistake, you’ll be followed by good luck.

A loaf of bread must never be upside down, it brings misfortune.

Leaving a bag or purse on the floor will cause you to lose money.

Sitting at a corner-seat at of a table means you’ll remain single forever.

Having long fingers means you’ll probably become a thief or that you’ll steal something.

Having a v-shaped hairline on your forehead means you’ll be a widow (widow’s peak)

If you bite your tongue or cheek by accident, your granny is planning to bake for you.

Having your right palm itch means you will spend money soon, while having your left palm itch means you’ll be getting money soon

Always look into someone’s eyes when clinking glasses, failure will result in 7 disasterous years in the bedroom.

Never say “Ziveli” (Cheers) with something that isn’t alcohol, i.e. water.

Always take a sip from the glass after toasting before putting the glass back on the table"

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