Friday, August 27, 2010

Star Child Update

The Star Child Skull has been of great interest for several years to me as well as the paranormal community in general.Recently a 2010 update was posted by the project.

You probably have heard of it.There is even a listing in Wikipedia.However their view is a bit more reserved than mine!
"The Starchild skull is an abnormal skull allegedly found in Mexico. It is primarily notable due to claims by paranormal researchers that it is evidence of extraterrestrial contact. Mitochondrial DNA recovered from the skull establishes it's mother was human, but skeptics believe it is a abnormal human skull..

Carbon 14 dating was performed twice, the first on the normal human skull at the University of California at Riverside in 1999, and on the Starchild skull in 2004 at Beta Analytic in Miami, the largest radiocarbon dating laboratory in the world. Both tests provided results of 900 years ± 40 years since death..."

Money of coures has been a problem for the expensive tests needed.The newest report is interesting.The brief account is :

In Brief: A modified "shotgun" DNA recovery technique has been successfully used to recover coherent segments of the Starchild Skull's nuclear DNA. Of the (approx.) 3 billion base pairs in the skull's genome, several thousand have been recovered. These nuclear DNA fragments have been analyzed by the National Institutes of Health BLAST program, and a substantial percentage of that DNA has "no significant similarity" to any DNA previously found on Earth.

These results have been verified and repeated; however, more DNA needs to be recovered and analyzed before a formal report can be completed."

The full account is at this site if interested:

Thank you for the nomination and I am honored to have won the award as a Leading Paranormal Blog...YEAH

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