Saturday, January 29, 2011

If You Have Been Wondering

I have been incapicated.No ir is not another bout with Cancer, that is still OK. I have been dealing with the depression associated with poverty for several years that is still a matter of concern but not different nor is lonlieness but the crowning blow was the loss of my computer.It was sick at Christmas but finally gave it's life for completing my shopping and mailing.I have been mourning it's loss and dealing with no access since.Now by the coming week will probably be back to post three times a week..Yeah!
Here is the latest about Thr Starchild.Lloyd Pye updates also...
"Many of you will recall that several months ago I presented screen shots of two samples of the Starchild's nuclear DNA, one that matched human segments in the massive NIH database, and one that matched nothing among the trillions of coherent base pairs in the database. This was, and remains, a highly compelling reason to believe that when the Starchild's entire genome is finally sequenced and compared to human genomes, the differences between those genomes will provide utterly convincing proof that the Starchild is not entirely human.

For the indiscretion of ignoring official scientific protocol, we have caught a large ration of grief from skeptics and critics. They have pointed out that because our geneticist did, in fact, have the ability to "rig" the NIH results if he wanted to, he simply MUST have been eager to put at dire risk his career and his reputation because, in their view, alien life is flatly impossible and alien DNA is, therefore, equally impossible.

This is how the other side plays the game. They avoid dealing with difficult problems by first ignoring them, then ridiculing them, and finally announcing that they knew it all along, after which one or more of their members will step forward to take credit for the breakthrough, whatever it happens to be. This is how new scientific discoveries invariably unfold, especially major new discoveries that overturn a status quo.

In the meantime, if you wonder what's taking our geneticist so long to establish and confirm his case, please keep a few things in mind. First, his regular job as a geneticist is complex and difficult, and it takes up most of his time. He does what he does for us after his normal work hours and on weekends. So he produces for us only a small part of what he could do if we could afford to purchase his services full-time...."

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