Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Recent Discoveries That Could Revolutionize Medicine

Not paranormal but amazing.A century ago would have been considered impossible.

"BY FC Expert Blogger JD RuckerSun Nov 13, 2011
The past decade has seen remarkable progress in the field of medicine. Since scientists with the International Human Genome Project released a rough draft of the human genome to the public in 2000, the impact of science and technology on medicine has arguably been more salient than ever. New discoveries and inventions have opened up new possibilities in both the treatment and prevention of human sickness, so far that diseases that were once instant death sentences like cancer and HIV/AIDS, while still potentially fatal, a little less horrifying.

1) Disarming HIV
2) A Common Cause of ALS
3) Cellular “Leapfroging”
4) Breakthroughs in Stem Cell Research
5) Harnessing Information Technology
6) Synthetic Cells
7) Robot Surgeries
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Full article with details http://www.fastcompany.com/1794863/7-recent-discoveries-that-could-revolutionize-medicine