Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did You Miss Chip ON C2C?

Chip is one of my favorites especially in his work with the psychic kids...I think the best! I missed him on Coast To Coast AM last week.Here is a blurb from their news letter..
"First hour guest, medium and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey talked about some of the challenges that psychic kids face. Growing up as a psychic child himself, he particularly understands some of the issues involved. Kids with psychic gifts often have difficulties figuring out what is going in their lives, and how to manage it, he noted. Parents can be confused as well in attempting to evaluate and diagnose the situation. He discourages them from becoming like "psychic stage parents" trying to foster the ability in their kids, but rather suggested they just listen to their child, and let things play out naturally.." is his site.The picture is from there.


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