Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New View Of Vampires By An Expert

A well known writer and ercognizes name in the field of the Paranormal, Brad Steiger has written a new book about vampires.Not the movie featured nor the modern cult type culture but REAL ones.On a recent Coast To Coast AM radio show hr spoke about vampires.

"...Brad Steiger discussed real vampires, stalkers and creatures of the dark. While the legend of the vampire has been made into something glamorous and seductive by Hollywood, the reality is much harsher and uglier, he noted. Vampiric lore dates all the way back to Lilith, a demon written about in early Jewish texts, who was associated with succubi and incubi. The ancient Jews used skulls and magic to drive away the sons and daughters of Lilith, he detailed.

Real life vampires, as opposed to members of the modern day vampire subculture, can commit heinous acts of violence and horror. Steiger suggested that some of these individuals may be possessed by evil parasitic spirit entities that feed on them, and control their behavior. Various vices and addictions can act as an invitation for these beings to come through, he cautioned.

Steiger also mentioned a connection to vampirism and UFOs-- in South America, numerous witnesses describe the UFO occupants as vampire-like entities. The chupacabras, he added, may be an animal that is possessed by one of the parasitic forces."
More at the Steiger's website

Tacky it may be, but the picture is my vampire earrings made without knowledge of this book...


MAB Jewelry said...

Great post. Vampires are so romanticized, but they're actually just parasites!
Is there a connection between your earrings and UFOs? :)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Hi,Have not given it much thought before but have been more of a believer in UFOs than in vampires...will think on it.