Sunday, September 6, 2009

Haunted Hearse

In Texas at a San Antonia Cultural Museum is a beautifully curtained glass sided hearse.It was used the latter part of the 1800's and some say the early 1900's as well.It was drawn by at least 4 horses.

Imagine the surprise of the night security staff when the hearse was added to the collection or for that matter, any new security staff hired.(It is often seen as a "Rite To Passage" for the new hires.)The doors at the back of the hearse open themselves throughout the night as if a body were to be removed...Only at night..and the closure is quite secure.The guard will know the doors were closed on the first check but the next time,,,,

What do you think? A restless spirit always on the move? A residual of energy from the many who rode there? Or as one guard said "Maybe a mortician just looking for business."


MAB Jewelry said...

Oooooo, spoooooky.

Beth said...

And it's soooo pretty!

Jennette said...

I love that!

Bathgasm said...

I agree - spooky AND pretty! :)