Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mimi's Life Changing Experience

"When I was 17, I worked at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport near Dallas. Early one winter morning, I was driving to work and my car was going about 70 mph down a straight, two-lane road. It was still dark out. The roads were dry, or so I thought. But as I approached the bridge over the Trinity River, there was a thin sheet of black ice over the road, and my car suddenly began to fishtail violently, almost going into a spin.

Off to my left were some lights from another road. As my car spun rapidly, I was seeing the lights then icy darkness alternating, and I realized in a flash that my car was skidding nearly a full 180 degrees back and forth on this narrow bridge. The guardrail and the icy river just beyond were perilously close, and although I tried to steer out of it, I realized I was completely out of control. It occurred to me then that this was probably "it" for me - that I was staring at impending death.

In that instant, I moved out of my body except for a tiny thread. From about 30 feet back, I found myself remotely watching my hands still moving the steering wheel back and forth. It was as if someone else were driving, and I had a very long tube through which I was watching the event unfold. A profound sense of quiet came over me as I watched, detached. As the car reached the other side of the icy bridge, it seemed purely miraculous then that the skidding car suddenly went straight, catching the dry pavement on the other side at the perfect angle to avoid flipping. Had it been skidding sideways as I crossed onto dry road, it would have flipped.

I snapped back into my body, and my body began to shake from shock. I drove the rest of the way to work at a speed of about 25 miles per hour. Other people whizzed past me and I didn't care. I began to cry, because I realized that my life had just been been saved by divine means."
Presented by Stephen Wagner on About Paranormal.


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