Monday, April 26, 2010

Something Missing?

This appeared ib Stephen Wagners Newsletter.What do you think?

"When something you need disappears, try asking the crows for help

There are many stories on this website about the "borrower" phenomenon, or disappearing object phenomenon (DOPler effect). In these cases, a commonly used object goes missing and the owner searches in vain for it everywhere. Then later - sometimes hours, sometimes days or even weeks later - the object inexplicably reappears, either in an obvious spot that had been searched before, or in some impossible location.

In the report below, S.D. Geiger gives us a Native American twist on the phenomenon with a tradition that asks the crows to return the missing object. In myth and lore, the crow is a symbol of mystery, magic, prophecy, creation, cunning and trickery. They earned these attributes, at least in part, because of their mischievous nature: crows like to steal shiny objects. And that might explain why asking the crows to return a missing object makes sense - they might have taken it!

According to Native American Totems and Their Meanings, the crow symbolizes "justice, shape shifting, change, creativity, spiritual strength, energy, community sharing, and balance." And Native American Animal Symbols - Who are They, What do They Mean and Why characterizes the crow as "a carrier of souls from darkness into light and guards against fear in the dark; also a shapeshifter; keeper of spiritual law; likes to steal shiny bright objects; always a clown. Look for the bright and shiny aspects of life."

So does asking the crows work? Here is S.D. Geiger's story....

IT WAS THE summer of 2009, where the west coast of Vancouver Island felt tropical in heat waves. I went to a Cree Sweat Lodge led by my trusted mentor, whom I had known for years. I was now the fire tender for his lodges. I was surprised to see a different couple come to the lodge this time; surprised by the fact they were both skinny, pale, covered in tattoos, and they were obviously skeptical about native culture.

Now I must note that I knew my mentor was a very powerful man; however, I always had doubts because his arrogance, as sometimes he became cocky and would attempt tricks of magic to prove he was powerful. This is exactly what I was thinking as soon as he said, "Aho aho, the great spirits have just told me that someone here lost their keys." As soon as I heard that I was thinking, "What the ----?" The new couple were scared and yelling, "Oh my god! That is so weird because this morning we just lost our house keys! This is freaky! What is going on?"

I was just as confused as they were. I had no idea what was going on, and I was the fire tender! What I did know was that my mentor would have a splendid time getting a jolt out of some random skeptics. I decided to play along with it, not believing anything he said.


Aho," he continued, "if you just ask Crow to help you find your keys, he will do what you ask. Just remember..." his voice deepened with mystery for his climax, "to thank Crow generously after." It was so odd. I knew my mentor had a fun personality and liked to mess around now and then, but I knew he would never stoop to the level of stealing someone's keys. Besides, he had been busy with preparing ceremony for the day before and all day that day, and my eyes had been on him the whole time - but I was still considering that. Even if it was true that crows would help locate lost objects, I still found it odd that anything spiritual should be based on material objects in the first place.

Later that same day, I decided to attend an evening movie. I accidentally stumbled upon the same odd couple from the sweat lodge earlier. I was just as shocked as they were when we noticed we were standing in the same line waiting for popcorn. They stampeded into me with wide eyes, talking loudly. They told me they were afraid and shocked because once they had returned home, their house keys were just laying perfectly sprawled out on their table. "Needless to say, we did thank Crow a lot after that!" they told me. The frightened couple giggled.

I still wasn't convinced. Maybe my mentor did steal their keys and somehow miraculously made it to their house before they arrived? I tried to make sense of it, no matter how little sense my reasoning was."

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