Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is The Doll, Mandy, Haunted?

The video below is from You tube which has quite a selection about Haunted Dolls.Here from Stephen Wagner's about Paranormal is the story about Mandy.

"Mandy the haunted doll is over 90 yrs old. Her history before she found her way to the Quesnel Museum is a mystery. The museum is located on the Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail, in British Columbia. The only information I can find about her previous owner/s, is that the woman who donated the old doll to the museum complained that she was frequently woken up at night by the sound of a baby crying. She always found that it was coming from the room where the doll was kept. After the doll was donated the crying stopped.

Obviously, being 90 yrs old, the doll has been through a lot. Her face is cracked, her body ripped and her clothes threadbare and dirty. All this doesn’t help the dolls creepy factor.
Staff and visitor alike tell tales of odd things occurring with the doll. Some include the doll mysteriously facing the wrong direction in her case, others state that her facial expression changed. The staff moved her to a case of her own when they learned that she doesn’t like other dolls and would destroy them.

Since Mandy’s arrival, things around the museum have been mysteriously disappearing. Everything from office supplies and personal items to the staffs lunches from the refrigerator. The lunches are often found in drawers or cupboards. The other items are sometimes found, but often time they are never seen again.

Visitors have reported that her eyes move, like they re following them as they move about the museum. Others have said that they have seen her blink. Often times people who come to take pictures or video of Mandy find that their cameras will not work while trying to film her, but when shooting a different area exhibit the camera works perfectly."



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