Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Foot In My Country?

I found this yesterday.It was to also be discussed on Coast to Coast AM last night but I missed it!
"BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- A team of researchers affiliated with legendary ‘Bigfoot Hunter’ Tom Biscardi traveled from Alabama to Hickory, N.C. Sunday to investigate recent footprint sightings.

“It’s not a fake. You have certain telltale signs,” said Robert Price. He pointed to dermal ridges like a handprint and midtarsal break. He said it's evidence of a foot that bends in the middle, unlike a human’s foot.

Price is in Hickory this weekend with two other Alabama researchers to compare a track found recently in Burke County, to one found in Texas.

“The possibility is definitely there. It's not to be overlooked,” he said.

The large, muddy and mysterious footprint has captured imaginations in the area.

A farmer said he recently stumbled across a larger-than-life footprint near the intersection of Highway 18 and George Hildebran School Road in the southern part of Burke County.

Pork Lowman said he was walking in the woods when he came across the print, which measures 15 by 8 inches.

“It's out here in no-man's land, and that's what really got me,” Lowman said."

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