Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crystal Skulls In The News

I continue to be fascinated by the Crystal Skulls although I have never seen one.Saw this the other day on line,

'Astrologer and dowser Cece Stevens talked about the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference, which she organized. Numerous speakers, many bringing crystal skulls with them, will be at the conference, she said. Crystal skulls can be as small as the size of a thumb or as large as 350 lbs.-- but it's the energy vibration of the skull that's important, not its size, she noted.

JoAnn Park's skull MAX is know for healing powers, while Cece's skull, BOB, is said to grant wishes. "He has literally granted every wish that anyone's put on him," she claimed. Stevens also talked about her work with dowsing and remote viewing, and her efforts to help law enforcement solve crimes.

When a caller asked if she had any insights in the recent case of a missing Washington state college student, Stevens said that she believes he is still alive and has not met with foul play.


I am the curator of BOB the skull of Wishes, So far everyone who had held him has had a wish granted.

For more information and help, or to set up a place to have BOB come visit you, contact me at

Cece Stevens (520) 907-0102 CeceSt@aol.com

"In 2008 during the September Gem Show in Tucson BOB presented himself to me. Not quietly, but jumped out at me as I walked by.

Sitting with Bob was Junior. Smaller, but none the less I felt one had to go with the other. I now see why. Junior Calms where BOB grants wishes. One is a healer, and one is a joy giver. What a nice combination.

Until April 2008, I had not had the experience of a Crystal Skull. I had been fascinated by the Mitchell Hedges Skull and tried in vain to see it. As well as the Atlantian Orb. I have been fortunate in that I and BOB were able to finally see and meet both crystals.

Bob named himself, while looking at his name and attempting to understand why the name BOB, he told me.

BOB is Brings Out the Best. And he does Bring out the best in people. You see BOB is a skull of Wishes. He grants wishes to those that ask him. So far he has not denied anyone their wish. Some take a bit longer, but none the less all have been granted.

When I had sat and meditated with BOB I have seen things from the past. and I see the future as well. Bob has shown me the mistakes from the past, but also has shown me the corrections for the future.

No one has walked away from BOB without having had a experience.

Come with a open heart and mind and be ready for anything."

Cece Stevens CeceSt@aol.com

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