Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Nature Of Ghosts

On Coast to Coast A"M paranormal researcher David Pitkin discussed how spirits and ghosts are not scary, powerful forces but a natural part of our transition from the earthly plane to the spirit world. Based on his research, Pitkin speculated that around 80 to 85% of ghost encounters are really from family members and friends who are "just a little stunned by the process of death." On why ghosts do not move on to the proverbial 'other side,' Piken offered a number of potential theories such as the possibility that the deceased does not know they are dead yet or that they have "unfinished business" with someone here in the earthly realm. "I get cranky with people who use all kinds of fear tactics and misinformation on people about ghosts," Pitkin mused, "when actually we could be helping ghosts to cross over."

Pitkin pointed out a variety of methods that appear to be used by spirits to contact their corporeal friends and family. On a personal level, he recalled one subtle instance where his late aunt, who had been dismissive of his interest in ghosts, seemingly filled his car with the scent of a specific lily that the both of them had grown. Upon the realizing what was happening, Pitkin greeted her and the smell almost instantly dissipated. He also speculated that poltergeists may not necessarily be evil spirits, but rather a deceased loved one who is trying to make an indisbutable appearance via a mischevious prank such as opening all the kitchen cabinet doors. Ultimately, Pitkin opined that these visitations are because "most people who pass over want to let at least one family member know 'hey, I've made it.'"

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