Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Enduring Love

Mr. and Mrs. S were residents of the Nursing Care Unit in a Retirement Center in Hawaii.They had lined there several years and both were in their middle 80's.

Apparently their family were all on the Mainland as no one had visited them in several years.The administrator remembered that about two years previously they had receieved two visits from a member of The Unitarian Church which they had attended for many years.Those were the only visitors anyone knew of for the past five years since the couple moved from their apartment down to the Unit.
They were the only couple on the Nursing Unit and a favorite of rhe staff.The two were very close and seldom talked about their past.

Mr.S had a severe stroke early one morning and died within hours.All arrangements had been previously made, leaving Mrs S no details to have to deal with in her devastated grieving.Only the staff and other residents joined the Minister for the Memorial Service.

As is often true in such situations, within a few months of her husband"s death,Mrs.S became critically ill.

A temporary nurse "new" to the staff was the night Charge nurse who along with a female and male LPN staff "regulars" comprised ths Night Shift staff..The nurse was preparing IV fluids and meds to be administered to Mrs.S when the elderly gentleman who had been at her bedside came into the hall amd said "That will not be necessary.We are leaving now."

"What do you mean?"said the nurse."She is a very sick woman." as she started toward the room.
The man disapeared.

Al , one of the LPN's had entered the hall from another room where he had been working.He said "I just saw Mr.and Mrs.S in the hall with a bright light around them and they vanished!"

When they entered Mrs.S's room they found she had died. No one else had seen the man at her bedside that night.

We considered it a wonderful love story.The temp RN however never worked there again.

(Pictures from Dreamtime)


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