Friday, February 18, 2011


New idea by eminent British scholar indicates not only was Merlin real but had guidance from Aliens.
"EUGENE, Ore. – The new book “Merlin: Knowledge and Power Through the Ages,” by British research professor Stephen Knight offers a new translation of “The Prophecies of Merlin” that, among other insights about pre-Medieval England, says the wizard used UFO sightings and Alien visits to sure-up the Arthurian legend.

As Professor Stephen Knight sees it, Merlin embodies the “connection” with UFO sightings and alien influence of the time. Knight says the Wizard Merlin, first was revealed in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “Historia Regum Britanniae,” written about 1136 that places Merlin “at about 30 years old” but with no records of his birth or death.
While Merlin remained a legend for the past 1,000 plus years, Knight says it’s just recently that “The Prophecies of Merlin” have been re-translated from Latin back into “the British tongue.”
Knight writes that a separate version of the “Prophecies” alone would have stated the discovery of Merlin, but this had already occurred in Geoffrey’s history. “Thus, what we have now with the translated “Prophecies” (that are kept by the British Museum and not available to the public) is a Merlin who’s added by alien life.”

I want to trad that book...