Monday, April 25, 2011

Whitney Strieber On Aliens And Hybrids

Could there be alien-human hybrids walking among us who have very different powers of mind and body? On Coast To Coast AM, Whitley Strieber shared some of his experiences that suggest that this might actually be true. In his new novel, Hybrids, he explores the promise and danger of this possibility.

He referred to his latest book as another one of his "true fiction" efforts, which "contains elements that I think are factual but I don't have enough information to prove."

"We're going to see a leap in technology in the next 5 years, with methods to compress memory, so that machine's capacities will be denser than the human brain, he reported. In his new book, he considers these advances, along with "alien technology" to create super soldiers that are smarter than we are-- programmable biological robots.

Real alien hybrids may have been created by the 'Visitors' using genetic methods similar to what Earth scientists currently use, he suggested. A number of people wrote to Strieber expressing their belief that they are hybrids. Interestingly, he noted that UFO hacker Gary McKinnon said he saw lists of officers who were on off-planet 'space fleets.' Perhaps people are being altered genetically to endure long flights, Whitley conjectured. He also recounted some of 'Visitor' experiences that took place at his former cabin in a secluded area in upstate New York."

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