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Battle With "Psychic"

An interesting report:

"IT consultant shot himself after clairvoyant gave his suicide plans her blessing and 'invited him back from the afterlife for a cup of tea'

An IT consultant killed himself after a fortune teller gave her 'blessing' to his suicide plan - and told him to come back in the afterlife for a cup of tea, his son said yesterday.

Terence Day, 60, had spiralled into depression after struggling to find work and shot himself in the head just two weeks after seeing psychic Jane Stack.

During the session, he revealed he had planned his suicide and Mrs Stack told him: 'I would understand why you would do that,' an inquest heard.

Mr Day's son, Duncan, said outside the hearing that a CD recording of the session revealed Mrs Stack then said: 'You go with my blessing then,' and added, 'If you do die, come back and have a cup of tea and a chat with me.'

The inquest, in Truro, Cornwall, was told that she did nothing to prevent his death or report his intentions to his family or the authorities.

Mrs Stack, who uses the name Elizabeth English for her work, was subjected to a seven-month police inquiry into whether she had assisted his suicide, but was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

But his 35-year-old son criticised Mrs Stack for failing to prevent his father’s death. He said: 'She gave my father her blessing to kill himself.
'At one point in the recording, I heard her say, “If you do die, come back and have a cup of tea and a chat with me.”

'I rang her the day I found out about the CD and she was very unapologetic. She was cold. He went to her for reassurance and she gave him the wrong type.

'She was in a position of trust – people go to her when they are down for guidance – it's not a chance for her to just say what they want to hear.

'She should have raised the alarm. If I'd have known I could have spoken to my dad and perhaps talked him round. The outcome could have been very different.'
The inquest heard how Mr Day, of Bradley Stoke, Bristol, was depressed after struggling to find work for over two years.

Desperate for advice, he searched the internet for clairvoyants and arranged a meeting with Mrs Stack.

After the reading, Mr Day phoned police and told them he was going to take his life. When they responded, officers were greeted with an answerphone message saying they would have to speak to a clairvoyant if they wanted to contact him.

Mr Day’s body was found in a field in Penzance, Cornwall, on July 2 last year, opposite a bungalow he had rented for a week-long break.

During a heated exchange with his son during the hour-long inquest, Mrs Stack said:
‘I was thinking that this is his free will. I had to show acceptance.’

She said her training as a former Samaritan instructed her not to break confidences and added her role was akin to that of a ‘magician’ who made people ‘happy and upbeat’.

His son said: ‘So when someone tells you they’re going to kill themselves, you just do nothing.’ She replied: ‘I’m an entertainer.’

Detective Constable Eavan Clarke told the hearing: ‘The CD initially changed the complexion of the investigation – if it was an assisted suicide.’

But inquiries found there was no evidence of a third-party involvement.
The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide." - dailymail

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