Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teleporting/Out of Body Experience

"Teleportation is often confused with out-of-body experiences (OBEs). An OBE is the movement of the soul or subconscious (electromagnetic radiation) from one location or dimension to another, while the entire physical body is relocated in teleportation."

Dr.Goldberg continues to explain
"...We can experience teleportation during the dream state. It differs from regular dreams and lucid dreams in that your body physically leaves the bed and travels to another location on a different dimension.

If you are observing someone actually being teleported, you would see their body slowly fade away and disappear. Nothing else in the environment would be altered. The person undergoing teleportation would experience an increase in their energy vibrating at high speed, accompanied by a tingling, buzzing sensation and/or feeling of spiraling upward. Often a "pop" sound emanates from the top of head."

He gives these examples

In one incident, a woman was ejected from a car, and laying on a road. She used Goldberg's post hypnotic suggestion to teleport herself safely into her living room, and drivers on the road reportedly said they saw her body disappear. An older case from the early 1900s involved two brothers from Bologna, Italy who were said to be able to teleport themselves to various locations around town. To test the boys, a Bishop locked them in their bedroom, and "even with all these precautions the boys disappeared within a few minutes," Goldberg recounted.

Picture is from dreamtims.

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