Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shadow Scare

"Cherokee County, North Carolina -- late night

The witness was sleeping on the couch at his girlfriend's house. The room was pitch black when he saw a dark figure in the hallway that seemed to materialize. The figure was human-shaped and blacker then the darkness in the hall. The head of the figure reached the ceiling and slightly bent forward as if the ceiling were too low for the figure to stand erect. He lay on the couch not comprehending what his eyes were seeing. He tried to speak but no words would come out of his mouth. He tried to yell but only a whisper would come out. The room seemed to get colder as the figure moved slowly forward in a gliding motion. He tried to move but his body refused to obey. The only movement he managed to make was an involuntary tremble.

As the silhouette moved into the living room, it moved around the walls with it's head turned toward the witness. Something made him turn his head and watch the giant dark figure gliding around the room. It moved behind the stove and through the stovepipe as if nothing were there. He watched as the dark figure moved closer and closer to the couch where he lay. The black silhouette was now next to the couch. As the witness lay there looking at the dark figure, a feeling of pure evil
came over him. His mind went numb, and tears began forming in his eyes. Then as if miles away, he heard laughter. Evil laughter, laughter not of this world. As the laughter grew closer, it begin to sound as if many people were gathered in a room engaged in some sort of party, with many conversations going on at the same time. He then heard the laughter again and a high-pitched woman's voice say, "We scared him to death."

In his mind, the witness began to pray. He managed to yell out, "God help me!" With that said the dark apparition began to fade until it completely disappeared from his sight. The coldness in the room was replaced with the heat radiating from the stove."
Love the NC Tales..Picture is "Ghouls Night Out" from Paranormal Presents at Etsy/

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