Saturday, October 29, 2011


"Zona Rosa, Mexico City, Mexico - 1993 - midnight

Rafael Perrin was hosting a party one night in his apartment. Around midnight he stepped out onto his sidewalk when he noticed a wounded dog lying on the sidewalk, twisting, and howling. He went to assist the suffering animal, but was prevented from touching the dog by a "young fellow dressed in rags," who in spite of his reduced circumstances did not act like a beggar.

The youth told Perrin that a band of aliens roaming the streets of Mexico City had inflected harm upon the canine with a small beam-emitting device they carried on them. Perris was further astonished when the young beggar went into a lengthy discussion of the beam weapon's origin, the nature of the predatory aliens and the damage attributed to "unknown parties" that was common in the area. The youth was about to heal the suffering dog using a similar device which "reversed the effect" of the harmful beam.

Rather than staying to witness the cure, Perrin ran back up to his apartment to fetch his camcorder, hoping to capture on film the curing of an injured animal by means of nonhuman technology. But when he returned to the scene, the young beggar was nowhere in sight. Perrin saw only the no-longer wounded dog walking away down the sidewalk."

Source: Scott Corrales, quoting Luis Ramirez Reyes
Phantoms and Monsters

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