Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interesting Sightings In North Carolina

Recently these accounts came to my attention as they were in my area,they were especially significant!

11/12/2011 - North Carolina: "I was out jogging on the 12th as I normally do on the weekends. I decided to jog a nature trail located over in Guilford County. I started my run at about 8am and stopped to rest at about 9:30am. I saw something down the trail from me. It was short like a midget and it was white and had a metalic colored suit on. It was just standing there looking at me. I had not seen anyone else that morning on the trail. I thought it was just another individual ahead of me that had stopped to rest. I get up and continue down the trail. I look at my watch and it was approx. 9:45am. That is all I remember doing. When I woke up, I was back in my car. It was almost 11am. I can still see the dwarf in my memory. I keep repeating it over and over in my head, tryng to remember what happened. I can't remember anything other than being very tired when I woke up in my car and having a small cut just behind my left ear. I wish I could remember more."

11/23/2011 - North Carolina:" The witness is husband to a lady that has had sightings, missing time, and found herself standing naked in her living room at 2 AM recently. The husband saw what he described as a being 4 feet tall with long hair. It was in the hallway for 2 seconds looking at him. It then disappeared into a mist."
Thank you for sharing these experiences.
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