Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Larry King Wants to Be Frozen After Death

Larry King reveals he wants to be Cryogenically Frozen: ‘I fear death’

Larry King overshadowed his guests on Sunday night for one of his specials, CNN Presents: A Larry King Special: Dinner with the Kings. The entertainer invited Conan O'Brien, Tyra Banks, Shaquille O'Neal, Seth MacFarlane, Jack Dorsey, Quincy Jones and Russell Brand to his dinner table to talk life, entertainment and all parts in-between.

While the news broadcaster was hoping to make headlines with his guests, the headings he made were more about himself and the idea that he wasn’t to be Cryogenically Frozen.

"Oh, I fear death," said Larry King. "My biggest fear is death, because I don't think I'm going anywhere. And since I don't think that, and I don't have a belief… I'm married to someone who has the belief, so she knows she's going somewhere.”

The entertainer seemed to shock his guests talking about being frozen and what happens after he is frozen after death.

"I want to be frozen on the hope that they'll find whatever I died of and bring me back," said Larry King.

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