Friday, March 6, 2009

Police Search...Girl Or Ghost?

Seems the English are more accepting of Ghosts than we are.A recent report:

John Teece-Millington believes he saw the ghost of a young girl walking along St Martin’s Way.
Published Date: 12 February 2009

A POLICE search operation was launched after a motorist spotted a little girl walking alone in Chester city centre.
John Teece-Millington was driving along St Martin's Way at 12.30am on Monday, February 2, when he saw the young girl walking along the pavement clutching a teddy bear.

He was so concerned for her welfare that he alerted police and seven patrols were deployed around the city.

No trace of the girl was found and Mr Teece-Millington now believes he saw a ghost.

"I was stationary for a couple of minutes waiting for the lights to change when I spotted a small girl, aged roughly about seven years old with shoulder length hair, a full fringe and large dark rimmed glasses," he said.

"She was wearing a white blouse, short pleated skirt but no coat, socks or shoes, and was clutching a teddy bear.

"She was slowly walking along the road towards the traffic lights. I rolled the window down and slowed up to her to make sure she was okay but she carried on walking without a care in the world.
"I was on my way home and was five minutes away from the nearest garage when I spotted a policeman. I reported seeing the little girl as I thought it was strange for her to be out alone at that time and it was a freezing night."

Police spokesman, Shelley Williams said a search was launched at 12.30am and police even contacted taxi drivers to be aware of a young girl possibly wandering the streets alone.

The search was suspended after no-one was found and no-one was reported missing.

Mr Teece-Millington, a caretaker at Stanley Palace and a member of Cheshire Paranormal, is appealing for anyone else to come forward who may have seen the girl.

What do you think?


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Good story. Not going to make a call on that one! :)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Thanks for coming and taking the time to comment.

The Empty Envelope said...

There are so many fascinating stories in the UK. I don't know what to think. It sounds like the phantom police officer in St Paul, MN who gives out tickets. When the people get to court, they find out the officer has been dead for many many years.

So much is subject to what the person is actually seeing/experiencing too.