Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dead Son Tells Mom Of BIN Laden's Death

Mary Ann is a nurse in North Georgia.Her home had been untouched by a recent tornado but she had been troubled by the plight of some neighbors and found it hard to sleep.Sunday night,however she fell asleep early.She said "I don't actually know if it was a dream or really happened but it seemed to really be Todd."

Todd quit his job as a stock broker the day after 911.Hr lost his High School sweetheart Jenny, in the strike of the Towers.He was killed in Iraq two years later.Mary Ann was heart-broken.

"I looked up hearing him say Mom."she said."He looked so happy and said, Our guys got Bin Laden.Justice for Jenny, Mom" and he was gone.When I turned on the TV the next morning,it had happened I felt peace and happiness"

Thank you Mary ann for sharing your experience.

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