Sunday, May 1, 2011

Srrange Wearher

So many people and places dear to me were struck by the recent tornado storms.My heart is breakung for them. It passed right by our place with darkness and noise but thankfully no damage...Any way these interesting iyems came to my attention

An Experience

Jim in Glen Rose, Texas, said he was recently alerted of inclement weather by his radio and stepped outside to find a tornado barreling down the street toward his house. Jim said the cyclone was spinning roughly 100 feet off the ground, approached his yard, popped back up, and touched down several miles away, sparing his home and family. Jim called his extreme weather encounter a religious experience.

Physics & Change:

, Author Mike Bara says that we're headed for a time of great transition, which is being triggered by physics in our solar system and beyond. He recounted radio engineer John Nelson's discovery that the position of planets could affect the magnetic output of the sun and electromagnetic signals like brainwaves. Like in astrology, certain planetary configurations have positive or negative effects on people, Bara suggested. With the coming shift in 2012, there'll be polarization and conflict, and we'll have to rethink what our government and monetary structures will be like, he commented, noting that the last time the astrology lined up like this was during the American Revolution.

According to the Mayans, "we are going to be hit with a pulse of energy like we have not been hit with in 26,000 years," Bara said. We have to know what to do with that energy to utilize it for the good, he continued. There are certain times and dates when people's powers to send out signals or prayers for the greater good are enhanced, he added.

Whatever be your beliefs the intense weather is cause for notice.

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