Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lloyd Pye And Starchild Updates

Recently in his Newsletter "Bytes Of Pye,Lloyd Pyle reports very encouraging new re the DNA Studies, but further funds and effort will be needed to prepare a report that will satisfy the Mainstream Scientists of the DNA results,Those interested are invited to sign up for the Newsletter and/or donate.
Lloyd Pye Updates

This was interesting as he will appear on a special soon:

"The filming for William Shatner's "Weird or What?" was indeed weird. It took place in an old, very unusual New Orleans home, so the backdrop was.....let's call it "eccentric." Also, the house's front door is about 30 feet from a busy N.O. street, so cars, motorcycles, big trucks, and occasional airplanes tended to drown out whatever I was saying. I had to go over most points 3, 4, 5 times in the hope of getting coverage without background noise. We filmed for over three hours, so I have to assume they got enough to fill in my part of a 20 minute segment.

Several of you contacted me to offer messages to Mr. Shatner, so I should have made clear in the last Byte that I wouldn't meet him. We filmed the interview footage Thursday, an editor will eventually edit that down to what they want to use for the episode, a script will be written to fit the footage, and then Shatner will come in and film the small riffs he does between the major segments. All of this will consume several months. The people there told me it would air sometime this fall."


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