Monday, March 5, 2012

Big News About The Starchild Study

As you know, I am a big advocate for Lloyd Pyles work on the Starchild skull.His newsletter announced the latest GREAT news...He also will be on Coast To Coast AM tonight to discuss it...
 "We have secured a new and vitally important DNA result!

Many of you may recall that some time ago I tried to explain the core element of what our geneticist needed to find. It was what he called a Golden Needle of functioning base pairs hidden within the 3+ billion base pair haystack of the Starchild's nuclear DNA genome. Instead, now he's found a DIAMOND NEEDLE!

In nuclear DNA, 95% of its 3+ billion base pairs is most commonly known as "junk" DNA because it doesn't code for any of the proteins we need to survive. It seems to have no useful function, so in terms of recovering DNA, when you recover from the junk area---which our geneticist has done with dozens of fragments---it provides information of only limited usefulness.

 What we needed was something from the "coding" 5%, some stretch of DNA that actually worked, so it could be compared with its human corollary. Now we have that, and it's not just from a gene that actually works. No, it's much better than that! It is from one of the most important genes in not just the human body, but in the body of almost any complex life form that exists. Everything alive seems to carry this gene in one form or another.

It is called the FOXP2 gene, which comes from its formal name, "Forkhead Box" P2. In humans, it controls a cascade of 300 other genes as we develop from a zygote to a living being. If anything goes wrong in it, anything at all, even one small mutation, very bad things will happen to the carrier.

In all humans, the FOXP2 gene is so incredibly highly conserved that if we are "normal," our FOXP2 gene is identical---exactly the same!---in ALL OF US! There is not so much as a smidgen of difference because mutations usually kill us. Not always, but when they don't kill, they inevitably leave devastation in their wake.

The fragment of the Starchild's FOXP2 that has been recovered is VASTLY different from the human version! It is unmistakably FROM a FOXP2 gene, and one that is unmistakably human-LIKE, but it is indisputably NOT human, no matter how you slice it. So this is as much a home run as home runs get!...

... The new essay makes crystal clear exactly why this new discovery should put us over the top with potential investors in the cost of recovering the entire genome. I don't normally crack the whip in these things, but I need as many of you as possible to read this essay so you'll understand the breakthrough we've made. I need your help to get the word out about it to a wider audience, so please Tweet it, Facebook it, or however you communicate with friends.

Wish us luck, and if you can chip in to help in any way, it will be, as you might imagine, greatly appreciated! Thanks for sticking with us to this turning point!

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