Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flying Chupacabras Kills 35 Goats in Mexico

ABC News Mexico is reporting a farm animal attack last week in the town of Parácuaro believed to be by a Chupacabras. Only this time, the cryptid animal can fly!

The bloody attack, which killed 35 goats, was witnessed by a farm hand who described the mysterious animal as a creature with fangs, claws and wings. The curious thing about this incident is that the goats were killed, but cows, pigs and other farm animals were left untouched.

While the video report below is in Spanish, a translation reveals that the unidentified farm hand is insistent that it was indeed a Chupacabras which killed the goats, apparently its staple food.

In the last several years, hundreds of goats have been reportedly killed by the mythical creature, all drained of blood and ripped apart at the throat.
But this is the first time the legendary animal has been reported to have wings.

Although the witness did not actually see the animal fly, it adds an entirely new layer to the legend of the bloodsucking goat killer. - gather

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