Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fire In 'Haunted' Hotel Room

From a recent news article:
"A fire broke out in a "haunted" hotel where a woman was killed by a blaze in the 17th centurySome 10 people, including three guests, were forced to flee the 400-year-old grade II-listed George Hotel after the fire started at 3.40am as they were alerted by smoke alarms.

It started in a storage room on the top floor and spread to the roof space, damaging the oldest section of the 17th century hotel in Ramsey, Cambs.

Jean Axelsen, the hotel cook, said: "There's no way of knowing it's a paranormal event - but there are a lot of coincidences."

Her real identity is unknown but Mrs Axelsen's family, who run the hotel, call her Mary and believe she is a former landlady.

"It is strange that the fire was contained to that one room and did not spread," she said. "Also nothing electrical is plugged in up there as it is only used for storage.

"It is at the back of my mind that it could have been something more but Mary would never hurt us and she hates fire.

"She died of smoke inhalation so she wouldn't have wanted another fire.

"Mary hates fire so much she steals people~s lighters and blows out candles.~

Her daughter Louise Axelsen, 29, the hotel manager, said: "We do not mind Mary, you get used to having her around."

What do you think?


Meekiyu said...

yikes... this reminds me of that show where David Copperfield got the remaining portion of a burned down haunted hotel where a bunch of people died and put a microphone right outside it and you could hear the ghostly screams... darn that was spooky!

cabin + cub said...

oooh spooky! but at perhaps she could be seen as the fire safety ghost of the hotel, if she is always blowing things out.