Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tess Gerritsen Likes Creepy Facts

High on the list of my favorite authors has been those physicians turned novelist.I am sure you know many of them.
A few years ago a new one topped my list,.Tess Gerritson
.With great delight an old interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM radio was mentioned on their site.As a true Gerritson fan I devoured it.Will share some of that with you and an even more exciting discovery of a site she has about Creepy Facts..
Here is the overview of her interview with Art:
"Author Tess Gerritsen returned for a conversation with Art Bellabout strange and dreadful medical issues. Among the topics she touched on: Crooked anesthesiologists sometimes only put patients under lightly. The person being operated might remain fully conscious during the surgery but be completely paralyzed so that they cannot indicate to the doctor that they are awake. Misdiagnoses of death that occur, when a doctor doesn't hear feint signs of heartbeat and respiration.

Odd things take place at hospitals. For instance, a nun/nurse in a Hawaiian facility was known for going into patients rooms just before they were about to die to pray for them, saying she could smell the scent of death. Gerritsen also discussed the nature of evil, recounting a case from the 1500's of a Scottish clan of predators who killed people traveling along the road near them. The "family of monsters" were cannibals, she said, and thousands of human body parts were eventually found in their cave.

In the 1800's, the "Bloody Benders" of Kansas were another family that killed for their livelihood, she added. Dr. Gerritsen said she is currently at work on a new novel, in which her main characters try to track down Satan to see if he really exists."

And the added mention
:Tess Gerrtisen has a long standing fascination with strange and morbid details of human existence. Her website offers a page of Creepy Biological Facts, which includes such nuggets as tumors with teeth, maggot therapy, hair eating, and the possible link between vampires and rabies.Tess's Creepy Facts"
Here is the site.(I bookmarked it.)



Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Really interesting ... especially about the predator groups.

LillyShayStyle said...

hmmm..There is a movie like that. Where the person seems to be 'asleep' on the operating table but can feel everything.
Some crazy things.
I'll have to check out that link!

cabin + cub said...

off to check out the link... but i think i will have to read it when I'm not alone.. I might get to creeped out!

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, creepy and very interesting!

Ted A. Brooks said...

I could only imagine some of the experiences you might have had in your years of nursing. What you share in this post is news to me as to some of the things that happen in the world of medicine. I'm glad to have stumbled on your site.
Angel Blessings