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One Of Life.s Mysteries

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Did Psychics Foreshadow New Revelation about King Assassination?
' Stuart Hendin '
April 15, 2009

I found this interesting.

"Most recently, a close associate of Dr. King revealed a startling new piece of history that eerily echoed the findings of renowned psychic
detectives who investigated King´s assassination.

"The last two significant investigations of the assassination reached opposite conclusions: On December 8, 1999, a Memphis jury found that there was a conspiracy. On June 10, 2000, the Justice Department completed a limited reinvestigation of the assassination, concluding that there had been no conspiracy, and recommending that there be no further investigation.

Yet for those among us seeking truth and closure, new pieces of the puzzle have surfaced over the years as alleged key players broke their silence. Loyd Jowers, owner of Jim´s Grill across from the Lorraine Motel, acknowledged his role before being convicted by the Memphis jury in 1999; Frank Liberto, crime boss Carlos Marcello´s Memphis representative, confessed shortly before his death in 1978 his role directing Jowers; gangster Myron Billet divulged on his deathbed how Marcello accepted a contract on King´s life; and Jules "Ricco" Kimbel, a government covert operative and organized crime figure, described obtaining aliases for James Earl Ray in Canada, his role setting up Ray as a patsy, and the role played by Liberto.

Attorney William F. Pepper played a groundbreaking role assembling these developments and other newly uncovered information in his 1995 book Orders to Kill, building on the earlier efforts of researchers Harold Weisberg, Philip H. Melanson, and others.

The Church Committee hearings of the 1970s exposed the assassinations of foreign leaders and attempts on the lives of others by an outlaw wing of the intelligence community. Some researchers question whether their targets might have included domestic as well as foreign leaders.

More than four decades after one of America´s most searing traumas, one is left wondering how much of the truth is destined to be lost to history; how much more, if any, of the story will be revealed by participants and researchers at this late date; and whether psychic investigators can play a useful role uncovering our hidden history, in the same way they have been enlisted by police departments to investigate crimes and by the federal government as intelligence-gathering "remote viewers."

From Psychics Foreshadow New Revelation about King Assassination?

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MagicMarkingsArt said...

hmmm...very interesting. i wonder how all this would have played out if the technology we have today was available then ~

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow...I have a lot of interesting theories about numbers (that I haven't 'deciphered') but the whole MLK thing was just loaded with some of the numbers I pick up on.