Friday, May 29, 2009

Musty Boxes Ephemera 's Ghostly Photo

Found recently on a forum.
"Just wanted to share this vintage photo that I have listed in my shop.

I'm not so much interested in selling it as I am in just sharing it here...

(above as illustration)

What do you think? Is there a ghostly little woman sitting on the gravestone? Just a glitch of the camera?

I'm not exactly sure what I believe regarding ghosts, but if there's anything that can convince me that they exist, it's this photo. Have a close look to the right of the headstone, just above the M in the name SCHWAM. I'm telling you, there is an image of a tiny woman wearing a white scoop-neck dress sitting on the middle ledge of the headstone. You can't make out a face, but you can see the dress ~

The headstone was for the Schwam family. The husband, Ferdinand, was still alive at the time of the photo. However, his wife, Margaret and his 2 year old daughter, Annie, were both already buried at the time of the photo.

What do you think?

Garden Painter Art "

Kim is a talented collage artist who works with photos and watercolors.She says of her work:
A surreal and unexpected world filled with twists and turns.

I am a mixed media artist. I generally work in collage and water-color. Originally, my "training" was in charcoal portraits, (which I still dabble in), but I find that collage and watercolor is really where my passion is. I am also a gardener, so I like to use images of my garden in my collages. I also use images of my pets and sometimes family and friends. The freedom of collage is addictive!
My passion for collage in general started in elementary school and I've been in love with it ever since. My fascination for collage lies in the fact that I can create worlds that never truly existed together before. I can inter-twine different time periods and I can make things live together that never lived together before. It gives new life to old photos that have been thrown by the way side. Through these photos, I can "introduce" people that never knew each other in "real life"."

A small number are shown in the video but you will likely want to see more of her photos and her work.
Thank you Kim.


Joy said...

The eye sees what it wants to see... pareidolia... That's what I believe about ghosts. :)


I definitely believe in "ghosts" or "spirits" that have crossed over, and have seen them in other photos very clearly.